christmas crafts and food with family.

So yesterday we did our yearly meet up with family at Cindys house where we eat, talk, and do crafts our self and now with the kids we have. We had pizza, chips, desserts, and more. I wasn't that hungry so I only munched on some sweets and chatted with my family about everything possible. All the kids ran around together and Axel played with "his Colton" as he calls him and Adelyn played with Chloee which being little girls they had their fits over toys and tried to open the locked cabinets together, they will be something else that's for sure.

We started on crafts and painted plates with the kids and they all turn out very cute and very different. It was slightly hard painting with the brushes while trying to write letters but we managed and I think if I had my paint pens with me it would of looked better but over all everyone did a good job and laughed at ourselves in the process. Adelyns and Coltons looked like smeared colors together and Adelyn enjoyed it longer then most of the kids and really got into it. I might have a little artist on my hands. I haven't done crafts in so long since being preoccupied with photo shoots and holidays I lost a little bit of my  craftiness I think but I want to start doing it monthly even by myself and getting back into my crafty side.

After we painted those we made ornaments. The kiddos stuck stickers on theirs which ranged from firetrucks, snow mans, and princess themed. Which it's hard to stick stickers on round objects. I then did two of my own which I made one with a snowman on it that said Merry Christmas. Then I made one that had a "F" for "Franklin" with different color polka dots on it. It was fun we could of painted ornaments all night and filled them with paper and fake snow. I of course took photos of what we made and photos of the kids playing and making a mess and of course my daughter managed to get paint on her mama which will hopefully wash out but other than that it was a great night filled with people I enjoy being around and talking with and we definitely have fun together and theres never a dull moment in our family that's for sure. Now I'm ready for Christmas still have 10 presents to buy, I'm a little behind.  Tonight Ryan and I will be going to his Christmas party through his work and we get a night away which is rare and well deserved and my Sil Leah will watch the kiddos and we can have a great time just the two of us overnight. I'm just a bit excited but here are the photos or some of them anyways from last night. ENJOY!!!!

squeeze this photo in for the "bokeh" challenge.


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