External flash, WHAT? Speedlight, HUH? Learning to us mine..

So about two months ago I received my speedlight sb-600 from my husband for my birthday of course with my picking it out because he has no clue about my camera and the things to buy with it. I've been wanting one since the spring and contemplating getting one and once it turned cold I knew it was something I needed. I don't prefer the overly flashed subjects with dark backgrounds at all. I love when everything looks natural and even though its focused on the subject everything is in light like it would be outside in daylight and so far I'm learning slowly but surely how to use mine by adjusting settings and now using the M on my flash and camera at the same time to get the right amount of light to get my prefered look for my photo. It's been trail and error and probably will be but the more practice I get the better I can be at it and now start to enjoy inside photography without worrying about it looking differently then what I prefer.

Tonight I took some photos of my son since it's just me and him tonight so I'm letting him stay up a bit later and watch cartoons in mommy and daddys bed which he LOVES. I forgot how (easy) it is to have only one child. Don't get me wrong I know having any amount of children can have its tough times but from the experience of having my 2nd it definitely doubled the amount of work but it's what I wanted and when we have our 3rd and final (hopefully) it will be triple the work.. and then my baby making days are done but I'm getting off track. I took photos of Colton enjoying himself in our bed, watching cartoons, and being his goofy little self. He is a camera hog and will pose, smile, and do whatever I ask to make it easier for me to get a photo I prefer while his sister runs away and getting one from her can be difficult as can be.

Here are some of my photos I've taken tonight. He has very light skin so it seens hard to get one to go with his skin tone too but I managed and did decently I think. I will post some unedited and probably edit some and post them after.

exposure- 0.067 sec(1/15)
aperture -1.8
iso- 200
some photos were 1/32 and some were 1/8 in M on my speedlight
flash was angled at 75 in all photos.


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rachel said...

great job. I have an SB-400 which I have JUST started to play with. I have such a huge aversion to using my flash, but am realizing that using my speedlight in the right way is a whole other story! thanks for linking up!

Tiffany said...

yw. Its a new world but its so much nicer and natural looking then the flash on the camera.

Jamie H said...

Super cute shots!

Barb Phillips said...

Those eyes are gorgeous. Great job on the flash unit work, that is something that just takes lots and lots of practice.

Nessa said...

some I am such a novice that all the lingo makes me dizzy - but I know how hard it is to get pictures so pretty after dark, and these are perfect. Great work.

JM PhotoArt said...

Great clarity and color! Love the subject too :) Those curl-Q's will make a heartbreaker for sure!

Tiffany said...

aww. thanks everyone. Im trying my best to learn it and find using M mode gives me more control and the light I most desire and he is so good at working that camera ;-)