Had such a wonderful weekend!!!

Ryan and I arrived at his works christmas party saturday (evening) night and the evening started out pretty dull but by the end we were all having a blast and on the dance floor dancing to the electric slide and how low can you go. His friends at work were a blast to hang out with and I met a few girls that were fun as can be. We were at the Christmas party from 6-10 then headed over to fast eddies which was by our hotel and stayed there until 3am. I danced for probably 5 hours straight and probably burned a million calories and I loved it. We laughed, danced, took photos with people I didn't even ask there name and it was very memorable.

We don't hardly go out alone so we enjoyed every last minute of this since we will only get to go out and enjoy other peoples company by ourselves rarely. I love my children and they are my first priority but I think events like this when its just the two of us brings us together even better and we can really let off a lot of stress and tension from our everyday life and I think I let off a years worth from all my dancing. Afterwards we headed to the hotel and right after we went to sleep our fire alarm went off and they practically busted open the door to see what was wrong and fixed the alarm since there wasn't a fire so that woke me up and I only got 4-5 hrs of decent sleep but it was well worth it and I can't wait to enjoy it again. We didn't win anything at the christmas party and they definitely had great gifts from 500 dollar gift cards, ps3, flips, apple ipod, and more so that was a downside but it was still fun.

 It started out boring and the first 3 hours of sitting around with fairly decent food and chit chat was ok but watching my husband dance which he never does was the cherry on top the night and I definitely did things I never did or hardly ever do but all good fun for this married mama. I didn't take pictures there or at fast eddies since it was so busy and I didn't want my camera to get broke with all the people around me but I did take some before and a few during with my iphone and I have a couple videos on my facebook which are hilarious to look at now. If I have you on there you should definitely take a look it will make you giggle.

iphone photos.

my "facing myself" photo
Facing Myself


Jess said...

Okay, that kiss is WAY too cute! I love the raw quality of those iphone shots too.