The petty things in life.

I watched a video a few minutes ago posted on facebook that really made me tear up and realized how petty I can be over material things and how I and many others take advantage of the holidays instead of embracing what we have not what we can get. I'm always frantic about getting my kids toys when half the time they are looked over and barely played with and then there are kids who only want for clothes and a decent meal and families that struggle for the minimal things in life when we worry about how many presents we can fit under a tree and how much we spend. I can be selfish myself and only think about what we want and what we want to get but sometimes forget the things we need in life just the basic things that we forget about because I've become so accustom to my way of living even if I'm not rich I don't want for things, I don't miss a meal, I have clothes, heat, and can have daily showers and others who beg for those things I don't think about twice.

I know being one person I can't do a lot myself but I think actually realizing the importance of what I have and not expecting more all the time helps even the littlest bit. If I had all the money in the world I would love to help out and give back. There are so many things the world lacks and it's compassion and forgiveness. To feel for other person and their feelings and look over our own feelings. Forgive things and people we can't change and just change ourselves for the better. I only want positive in my life and I want positive for others, I really do. Even the ones who hurt me and continue to hurt me I know god only gives me and the people who hurt and need things in their life to make them stronger. Like I posted before " what makes me weak, makes me stronger". I think trying to help others and being thankful for what I do have will make me stronger and overlook any cruelty in my life or hurt I've been given because it doesn't compare to the ones who hurt daily and continue to hurt for the cards they've been dealt and the situation they can't control and only wanting the simple things in life and nothing more. I know you don't appreciate things as much until you don't have it no more. It's so easy to feel sad for someone but to actually be in their shoes and realize what they need is much greater then the wants in life is so hard for people to actually do and hard for me to do.

My kids have more toys and clothes then they need and don't want for nothing and no parent wants their child to want or need anything we only want the best but sometimes we aren't able to give them what we want and I can only imagine the hurt a parent or a child feels when its not full filled. My hope and goal which is soon is to go through my kids toys that they don't use, clothes they outgrown, and stuffed animals that aren't looked upon and donate them. It will probably be after Christmas but I want to do it soon because anytime a person/child gets something they need it's important and people shouldn't only recognize the need on a holiday because it's year long and kids constantly need something even if it's decent clothes that they haven't grown out of or a comfortable pair of shoes they can walk in. So from now on I'm going to try to make the best of what I got and truly appreciate it because my hard times and money troubles are nothing compared to others and I know there's more important things in life.