thanksgiving and a update

So it's been a while since I updated or do a photo challenge. I've been so preoccupied with photo shoots, holidays, and getting my house back in order that blogging and the Internet was the last thing on my list to keep up with but now I'm back on track and my house is back and in order and ready to be decorated for Christmas now even though I may be the last person to actually decorate for Christmas this year but but it's better late then never I suppose. I've been taking more photos during photo shoots that I got behind on taking photos of my own kids though I've still captured them even if it was with my iPhone which I've done a lot here lately. I also got my hair cut since my lovely sil Leah talked me into it and I like it. It's a lot thicker and healthier and it feels nice and I know my hair can also grow back. I finally received my new camera bag and camera strap cover and I'm in love with them both and the vintage look and feel. the bag is so sturdy and roomy  I can fit all my camera gear from my four lens, external lens, and camera as of now and I'm very happy about that. I was in a cleaning funk for a few weeks which is so odd since I'm usually ocd about everything and everything has to be neat, tidy, and in line but I'm glad that passed and I think it was due to being so busy and overwhelmed and even though I love doing photo shoots and showing my artistic side my first job is being a mother and wife and upholding those duties then I can full fill the things I can enjoy... Now on to thanksgiving.

The day started out with being busy of course from getting myself and my little zoo crew together and fixing a big batch of deviled eggs to take to peeps house for our thanksgiving lunch. Ryan fixed brownies that ended up a disaster due to the wrong pan size but I give him an A for effort at least. We ate a delish meal and deserts and watched all the kiddos from Micah, colton, Adelyn, Axel, jett, and Chloee have a ball running around and being adorable. I love the family I married into and the ones I've grown to respect and that respect me and treat me equally and fair and never give a fake personality or use this or that to gain gratitude but just being themselves and I can be myself even my ditzy, random self and feel completely fine and I've changed so much this year and found what I need and who I need and who's proven themselves to me and I'm glad I found that through family, god, and myself.. but moving on to photos from the event at peeps.

after peeps we went to my mamaws house and drive through a very intense, anxiety rising thunderstorm and finally made it there safe and sound and I enjoyed catching up with my family and enjoyed yummy banana pudding and just a nice family get together. We didn't eat much since we ate right before but it was still nice to go and have a good time with people I love and enjoy being around and have known me since I was born.

There so sweet. Father and daughter bond but the beating up of Micah in the background is the cherry on top of this photo haha.
I will try to get back to photo challenges for my blog and do others hopefully starting next week if I keep on top of things then my blog will get it's attention and I can venture over to my other blogger friends blogs and comment but as of now I'm very busy like I said before and now I got to finish up Christmas shopping and the events to follow but I haven't forgot about my neglected blog and hopefully the ones who follow or just stop by to ponder wont forget it either.