What I've learned.

Just because you add photography to the end of your name doesn't make you a professional. Just because you work with a business doesn't make you a business person. Just because you cook doesn't make you martha stewart. You make you (yourself) not by gaining it from other people or businesses. That's real success.

In other news I have my first (big) wedding next month  and it will be indoors so my external flash will be needed for this shoot. It will be something I will strive to work hard for beings that weddings are a big deal and one of that size ( 100-125 people) and nature is even more astonishing and nerve racking but I plan on working hard on the details of posings before, during, and after and to make sure the bride ( and family) get the desired look they prefer but since she said she loved my work  I think adding my editing style to both her ideas and mine it will become a masterpiece she will be very proud of and something I will love to show clients and future clients my ambition and determination to do even the biggest shoot.

The last year my photography has did a whirlwind and progressed and keeps progressing. I know i still have room to grow and advanced even at every stage of my photography and no matter how much I expand I will always have something new to learn which is something I love about photography more than any other hobby. It's endless in artistic skill and editing knowledge. I look back at when I first starting editing and I have to say it wasn't the best at all and sometimes I over did it but now I realize you don't have to over do photography to make it look its best you just take a photo that already possessed beauty to begin with then make it your own. I believe natural can always be done in any type of editing to make it look believable like you are there watching the photo being taken but still making it pop  by the tools you can use via which ever editing program you may use.

I'm so happy and feel so blessed I get to full fill my dream of doing photography to grasp onto the passion and drive that I have through looking through the camera and focusing on my subject and getting a good photo that has great lighting, crisp, and focused on the person or object makes me so happy. To show the world around me and capture my daily life and the life of the ones I love. To be able to be intrusted with people I didn't even know to take their photos and them love them is an unexplainable feeling and definitely makes me realize how well I've been doing and how far I've come in a few short months. No means am I bragging because all I ever want to do is show my happiness and gratitude for what I can do and what I have in my life and share it with people I care about and if it's taken the other way you truly don't know me I love to share what makes me happy and others to share the same in a way thats uplifting and not trying to out do anyone but to be confident in myself in the things I can do because I can't do it all but I feel very confident in most of the things I enjoy like photography I just wanted to explain how happy photography makes me and how excited I am for my future with it and how saying something doesn't make you who you are the actions and good work possessed all on your own backs up what you can be 100% and so far I've done that all by myself and I'm very proud of that the most.