Inspired....{Water Droplets}

Today I was inspired by Jill and ashley sisk to try to capture water droplets with my lenses. It takes a lot of hard work and preparation to get the quickness of a droplet and many tries as well but alas I did manage to get decent ones for my first try and even though it's not perfect but I was pleased with the result and so glad I pondered this on their blogs since it made me go and try it out myself. I love inspiring people.

I used my external flash swiveled at 75 degree angle.
 I had it set at 1/16 M at -0.7 on my external flash as well.
I used my 35mm.
My iso on my camera was 200.
my aperture was 1.8 to capture it has detailed and crisp as possible.
my shutter speed was 1/80 00.013 sec.

I uploaded them onto photo shop and then edited the lighting and contrast of each. I added different actions like bliss, illuminate, jubilee, and a few others to different ones and then proceeded to adjust the layers and opacity like I usually. I crop a few of them to get as detailed as possible and close up. I added a texture to my 2nd photo and lower the opacity quite a bit just to make the droplet more detailed and pop out. I was pleased overall with the results and had fun trying out this little project myself. My husband got a kick and a laugh watching me try to capture water but I loved doing it anyways. If you want to try it out you should go to Jill's blog. Click on her name above and it will take you there and show you her wonderful droplets. Also Ashley has some wonderful ones as well so click her name above to visit her blog and see her amazing droplets as well.


Ashley Sisk said...

These turned out great - I actually love your second shot a lot. Great job!

Tiffany said...

thanks :-) Im going to practice to make it more detailed. Im ocd with it being detailed and I used my 35mm might try another lens like my tamron :D

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I'm with Ashley Tiffany - the second shot is awesome! Keep practicing you will get it - looks much easier than it is - I think ;-)

Thanks for sharing your link!


Tiffany said...

thanks I plan on it and I plan on using another lens too :-) it was fun.

Sarah Halstead said...

These are great!