making up for tuesday..


The Trendy Treehouse

My photo was one of the top photos here:
living in a perry tale

So thank you for "loving" my photo and chosing it. I appreciate when I get noticed for trying my best.

happiness project photo-

This is so sweet and shows love and affection so true and deep and makes me happy to know how much love can change a persons life.


happiness photo-

Pretty much says it all and burst with happiness at the "seams" of this photo.

up on top-

candle floating at the top of the water. It was heart shaped and so cute and "wedding".


around the world-

love all the colors that pop and the dark tones in it. I had to get close ups of as much as possible and I adore this photo.

midweek blues-

tons of blues in this photo from the wedding ( I will have a bunch from there because it will be the main photos I will take and work on until I'm finished with it)..


Natalie said...

"Tints" is my favorite. Its very soft and fits the whole wedding theme ..the composition is good too.

love and life ♥ said...

Love them all! The tint shot is my favorite as well! It's so beautiful & dreamy!

Tiffany said...

thanks im glad i edited that way because it fit for the photo challenge.

Rebecca said...

Lovin' those wedding blues!

Tiffany said...

Thanks it was pretty

leigh said...

I love the kissing photo. I can feel the love!