memories, dreams, and reflections!!

1.Me! -

I'm proud of finding the true me and what inspires me. Standing my own and always knowing whats best for me and not being the mirror image of others or changing myself to fit in. I will always be me and go for my dreams and if people aren't by my side then they are meant to be in my future.

2- i love you

What can I say. he's my lover. My best friend. My rock. My strength. Everything that keeps me going. He's hardworking and always there for me and our little family. He's always by my side of I'm always number one in his book as he is to me. I could go on and on about how truly amazing he is to my life but that would take up my whole blog post so I leave you with this photo!

3. still laughing

This was last summer (2010) and we were doing our every weekend pool adventure at Ryan's dads house and I managed to get these hilarious photo of my daughter. Her expression is quite priceless and I can't help but giggle when I see it. hahaha!

4. winter wonderland-

Ok it reflects Christmas more than snow and what have you but I think it brings out the winter-y colors and Christmas-y tones.

5.Birthday -

This was at my daughters 2nd birthday party I had in 2010 when she turned two. It was rock star in zebra and cheetah print and these was the awesome cake I had made for the event. It all turned out wonderfully and I love that my planning and detailing comes to good use!

6.Friends -

This is my best friend and my sister in law. In 6 years she has proven to always be there. We have never had disagreements and always have enjoyable times together going shopping and really can understand each other without judgment or competition. Through so many people I thought were my friends she was the one who always was. Of course I have a few friends since I was younger too but I would leave off with these one photo! We have gotten closer the last few months and I've really discovered who is really there for friendship and not themselves in life!

7.I Was Inspired-

I thought this was a wonderful idea that I seen Karli from ( and ashley from ( do. It was definitely creative and shown me there is so much more I can disover and learn just by simply using my camera and my lenses. It's amazing how much I can learn from such creative, inspiring souls online!

8.Spring Fever -

I thought this was a gorgerous photo of some very gorgerous and bright flowers I found while taken a small shoot of my daughter. They really stood out and made me love all the beautiful things that grow around me and makes me miss spring and all the flowers that will pop out and look fabulous :-) I can't wait!

9.Travel -

The smokey mountains. It was gorgerous.

10.Summer Days -

Whats more summer-y then being barefoot playing in dirt and rocks. Not the most girly thing but to my children it's a blast!

11.A Day In My Life -

Something I see quite often and every day is love and affection between my children and their father. There is nothing sweeter and something I enjoy daily!

12.All Smiles -

What can I say! I love my cheesey, overly grinning child.

13.Autumn Harvest -

What is more fall and more beautiful then this photo. So unposed, so natural, so scenic. I ADORE this photo!

14.Family -

I love this photo of us. We are actually all looking and the color is wonderful. I did a slight edit and it brought out some beautiful warm skin tones that really make the photo and us pop.

15.Celebrate! -

This was from Axels party and I love the edit I did on this. It's so soft and got many compliments.

16.Let's Do It Again... -

So ready for vacation again. It was a wondeful small trip last year and I enjoyed every minute of it and getting away from chaos and being with my family of four. Nothing like it.

17.I Miss You -

I always miss being with my family. I don't get to see them as often and miss the everyday events with them and just being at home with my mamaw and watching soap on tv. You don't realize how much you miss the little things until you grow up and realize how easy life used to be. Even though I may be blessed you should never take for granted of the time you have with people.

18.Beautiful -

I love moon photos. Especially crisp, detailed ones that you can see evey perspective of it. I learned about a year ago how to correctly set my camera settings to get a good moon photo without it look blurry or like a bright blob and happy everytime I take a photo of the moon.

19.Dress Up -

I love dressing my kids up in adorable clothes and hair bows for my daughter and taking photos of them with they are looking their best. this was from summer 2010 and I took two photos and merged them together and thought it was cute.

20.Macro -

Butterfly wings!! Gorgerous butterfly, gorgerous bokeh, gorgerous macro!

21.Holidays -
Halloween. All the kids. Quite adorable in their outfits :-)!

22.My Favorite -
Photo from one of my first photo shoots that got me to where I am now. The beginning of my Tiffany franklin photography business. It's growing and I'm excited about the future. It all started with a photo.

23.Don't Ever Change -

Always be yourself. "let your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small"! Go for whatever you believe in and never back down. You will lose people along the way but the ones were fighting for will always stay by your side. Life won't ever be easy but as long as you are true to yourself and do what makes you happy in life and let the good lord show you the way you will figure out your purpose in life. I always want both of you to be happy and yourself. I will always support you no matter what. My little angels, my everything.

24.Just Because...So There! -

I have quite a few more. If you click my photos it will take you to my flickr where I have a lot of my photos from 2010. So take a look if you like!

25.Hopes and Dreams -
My hopes are to progress in my business and to grow in every aspect in it. To stay to own original style and never wander from it. To keep my feet planted and never back down from who I am. To always accept and give chances but knowing so many chances aren't always worth it if others never change. To keep being a good wife and mother and show my kids that they are my everything in everything I decide to do. To enjoy life to the fullest. To stay on gods path and figure out myself spiritual to the fullest. To budget and save money to fullfill our dreams in 2011 so we can plan to move into our "Dream" house in 2012. Go on a vacation that we will both love and enjoy and I hope its in florida. In the end just be happy in everything we set out to do and even if we fail and it doesn't go our way everything happens for a reason and to always be happy with the outcome because as long as we try atleast we can be proud of that!


Karli said...

I know I keep saying it, but I am SO impressed by your photos! WOW! They have a very nostalgic, dreamy feel...and I love that look! I'm going to work on that more this year. My style is clean, bright, simple...and I actually prefer your style. Very soft and your photos look like memories. OK, that's dorky...but you know what I mean, right? LOL! :-) Gorgeous! I'm DYING over your cupcake shot. Makes me want to go out and by a dozen just to photograph. Your processing is perfection!

Ashley Sisk said...

Tiffany, this was a beautiful post and a beautiful collection of photos. You should be really proud of yourself. I absolutely agree with Karli...your photos look like a dream!

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you both like them im very honored you think so much of them and I inspire you because every time I go by both of your blogs I'm just in Aw of your work and how you capture something and turn it into something beautiful! You both are a natural at getting great photos and Editing them so well and it fits the photo which can be hard to do :-)! I'm very happy now! You two are both wonderfully nice people whom I respect a lot as photographers and fellow bloggers!

Pixel Perfect said...

I love your pictures! Gorgeous work!!

Candace said...


Tiffany said...

thanks! :-)