{Something cold finalists}

So I was chosen top 5 by allie in her photo happy monday challenge "Something cold". First off I like to say I appreciate being in the top five and you liking my photo so much everytime I'm chosen I feel very honored and it's so heart warming. I gives me more motivation to keep prospering in photography even more and puts a smile on my face so thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for choosing me in the top 5.

Now you have to vote on what photo you like in the top 5.  Mine is #4 in the poll so I'm asking all my followers friends to please go on over to Allies blog and vote for me pretty, pretty please. It would be extremely appreciated. My photo isn't seen on her blog because the photo was private but if you click the link she has given it will take you back to my site to see my Isicles photo which is the photo shes using. So all you have to do is click here and the poll will be seen at the top part of her blog. There are other fellow bloggers that also entered with superb photos as well so it will be a tough decision for all who vote but I will be very grateful for the ones who vote for me. Thanks everyone and have a good night.