tuesday was productive


love this photo so much decided to use it again. I love overlays/textures they really make a photo come out and pop. I love how the colors pop in this photo and the texture just gives it a little extra something too.

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something different-

I thought this fit. People usually add faces but I like the things you don't always catch on camera, the out of sorts, the little things. My kids playing with outside toys and catching it in the act.


Ok it's rare for me to be in the photo and not behind the camera and actually have BOTH kids with me but this was taken last summer by my husband on 4th of July *hence the colors* and I ADORE it and their expressions and gives me motivation to hit the gym again haha.


midweek blues-

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wedding napkins.. The wedding had so much blue I definitely have enough photos for the next few weeks for midweek blues. I love the pretty blue colors though, it really popped out.

sweet shot Tuesday-around the world!

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gorgeous little girl. The bride and grooms daughter. I loved her bright brown eyes. Such a sweet and innocent photo :-)!

Sweet Shot Day

On a side note- I'm done editing my wedding photos so I will have a post about the wedding and photos from it probably some you already seen and some you haven't.

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black and white-

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the long road

If you would please go over to captivus living and vote for my photo pretty, pretty please. It was in the top 5! My photo is at the top and It's water droplets and my name of course is "they call me mama"! Just click HERE to see the page it's listed on and to vote on the poll, so if you could do me that favor :-)!!!!


Henrietta said...

I love your overlays pick and you are so right textures gives something extra. Great edit.

Tiffany said...


Tara said...

These are great! Love your texture and the snow photos!

Carletta said...

I came for Midweek Blues and those napkins are a stunning blue; but I have loved all your photos especially the overlays shot!

SouthernSass said...

Great photos! Those blue napkins really do pop and I love the flowers with the overlay/texture!

Natalie said...

LOL! I'm laughing at myself, took me like 20 minutes to realize your comment was a pop up window! I'm so silly, it used to be on the page and I was like..WHAT THE WORLD!?

Anyways, the napkins are my fav! I still have like 50 from our wedding left! And the overlays is really great!

Jill - FNA Photography said...

love every shot! but the one of you and the kids is beautiful! you are so pretty!!!!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I absolutely look forward to visiting each week on these hops- and a few times in between too :) Gorgeous photos as usual. Can't wait to see more.

Ruby said...

Hi following from WW with supermom i love the pic of your kids and you so cute! I love dressing in red white and blue for 4th of july or any patriotic holiday :)

Rebecca said...

Lovely photos as always. I like to try and catch the things that might go unseen too.

Liz said...

these are all great. Love the over lays you used.

Life with Kaishon said...

What a great collection of pictures. LOVE that wedding cake. How pretty! My favorite is the picture of you with your babies : ) You look like you are ten. So perfectly adorable : )

Kristy said...

Lovely shots! Your texture overlay is beautiful!!!!!

lunablue said...

definitely awesome textures! you want to reach out and touch it!

Tiffany said...

I wish I was a ten ;-) but thanks for the sweet comment(s) they made me smile!

Faith said...

REALLY cool - LOVE your "something different pic.