its been a sad and gloomy weekend.

This weekend has been not even near happy other then being with family and going shopping. I heard devastating news about an online friend baby boy passing away at only 4 months early Saturday morning. My heart breaks for the family and I couldn't imagine or bear something like that happening to me and really don't understand why god takes innocent children and I know he has a reason for everything but I just can't grasp it. I cried for the family as many others did and I hope with time god can help them heal but for now I will pray for them and hope they remember all the precious memories. They were wonderful parents so it baffles me.

Friday I went shopping with my sil Leah and I got most of the kids spring/summer clothes and earned up to 120 dollars in crazy 8 bucks in April so I can do the last bit of shopping for their clothes and should be done until it gets cold again or they have a huge growth spurt. Colton is already in size 6 jeans, 5t shirts, and size 1 shoes at 4.5 so he a growing big boy. Adelyn is a petite little thing and barely wears 2t and a size 7 shoe. I got her converse shoes in 8 so she has room to grow in and some adorable aviator type sandals at crazy 8. I also got Colton some converse but not the high tops like hers.  I got her a few 3t to grow in too but mainly just 2t. She's a tiny thing but definitely healthy and full of energy. God blessed me with them even on my bad stressed days. I got me a vintage dress with a matching necklace and two shirts that had a vintage look too and two matching necklaces. I got long type boot/high heel shoes in a dark gray color to match the dress. It's so adorable. I finally used a gift card from Christmas to get me some Victoria secret sprays and got a few new smells that they had and Ryan loves them!  We ate at olive garden which was delicious and had many heart to hearts on the way home. It was a great day. Colton stayed the weekend with her since he loves too and its right down the road. We visited Saturday and watched movies and ate pizza and today picked up the kids and napped for 3 hours. Then we went to tan and get a ton of grocerys finally. So overall my weekend was good but because of the sadness I was a little upset during the happy times but looked at my children and felt very grateful and trying to cherish the times I have now even more! I also want to say I'm happy about the 33 comments I received from friday I love every single one and read every single one.  I try to respond to everyone as quickly as I can too!

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scavenger hunt sunday-


I guess this works I wasn't sure what to use and this is most recent.


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Using the yellow on the book for mellow yellow monday, macro monday, and inspire challenge!

fill in the blank-

when I think about how much inocence is in the kids mind, I just have to sit back and wish I was a kid again.

A taste of italy
ziti alfredo pasta I make homemade (the sauce anyways) and we know pasta is italian.


This is the type of reminder I hate. Growing gas prices as well as prices on everything else. It's crazy and I hate this.


I thought this old vintage brownie camera fit the theme rather well and I'm in love with old cameras and plan to pick up any I can find for great deals when I can.


This was last summer when my family and I visited smokey mountains. I thought it was a sweet picture of my husband and son and captured what was around us including the streets.

I want to thank the paper mama for selecting my photo of movement for 2nd place. I'm always honored and excited when I'm chosen so YAY! I'm also excited to say I was in the top 5 finalists for the children theme for happy monday!
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The Diaz Wendland Family said...

Hi I found you through The Simple Things. Your little ladies laughter looks contagious:)

Phoenix Peacock said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had such a difficult weekend. My thoughts are with your friends. Miscarriages were hard enough - I can't imagine losing a baby once he or she was in the world.
I don't know how to segue but
Your hunt is fabulous. I love the first book shot

Natalie said...

Still so sad for their loss, I will keep them in my prayers! <3

Casey said...

Love your pictures!, The colors in the 'street' picture are beautiful, and what a sweet shot.
So so sorry to hear about your friend :( that is heartbreaking.

jillconyers said...

The first shot is amazing. Everything about it makes for such a wonderful capture.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

LOVE the book perspective...and that vintage capture is gorgeous!

Ashley Sisk said...

So many beautiful pictures - really like the perspective of book and I also like your fill in the blank shot.

mona said...

all pretty here, love the pasta .. happy mym.

Allie said...

I love all of your photos, like always! :) I really love your vintage shot! Thanks for linking up! :)

kbreints said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friends baby. What a terrible loss.

Your vintage shot is wonderful!

Kala said...

So many great shots - love the image of the ziti!

Candace McClintick said...

Sorry about your friend-things like that are hard to deal with.

but your photos rock :)

Joyful said...

Sorry about the little baby. It is sad but I hope he is now in heaven enjoying good health. I too have a sad situation with a little boy's medical condition. In this case, I am hoping we can save him. Please drop by my blog and have a look. Thank you and God bless.

julie said...

Sorry for your sad's so hard to try to understand. On a happier note, your 'hunt' shots are great...really LOVE fill in the blanks :)

Teresa said...

Sorry to hear that your friends lost their baby. No parent should have to live through such tragedy. Your pictures are beautiful.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

amazing photos, such a sad story of your friend. I too lost a child and it's such a devastating loss.

Bethe77 said...

Here from Twisted Fate Photo Challenge. I like that picuter of your husband and son. It is perfect for the street.
PS all of your photos are beautiful!

Destiny said...

Great street capture! Those are my favorite! :)

Thank you for linking up! :)