thankful thursday.

I need to be more thankful about everything even the bad things in my life. There is a lot of things I may not have but when I look at the big picture I am complete. I may have goals I'd like to accomplish but bigger things in my life to focus on. I may have hobbies I want to try but don't have the time but realize my kids must come first and that can be put off until later and I have no one to impress besides the little ones around. I may not have it all but with them I have everything.
Love, care, cuddles, kisses, and sweet smiles and nothing can replace that and no one dime of money either. I sometimes over exaggerated
things and think if I don't have this or do this I won't be happy but trying to find happiness in material things or things I can't change isn't real happiness. I've learned that my happiness comes within not from others, praise, or money. I try to always keep my life in order if its my house, bills, kids, etc I've always done things a certain way and kept a straight line but need to realize life goes off the straight line and thats ok.
Life isn't straight anyways to me it's a huge, long, off centered road with ups and downs and curves in between but like the song says "thank god for all I missed because it led me straight to this" and I really believe that and my happiness will come from within and the ones who bring happiness to my life and for that I'm thankful and happy for all the things I missed from friendships, relationships, college dreams, etc it wouldn't make up for what I have now and I thank god for that!

emotion in black and white

I think this handsome little grin shows a lot of emotion and makes the photo pop with the lovely black and white.

click it up a notch (SPRING IS HERE)

I believe spring is quite possible my top season to take photos of besides fall. Nothing like new blooms of bright colors coming up to take close ups I can't wait to capture my flowers and to plant more flowers too!
Click it Up a Notch



How stinkin adorable is this photo :D!


melissa said...

I love love love your outlook on life and how positive you are no matter the situation. You are very inspiring and I am so blessed to be able to learn so much from you!!

Your photos....amazing. Each and every one of them. That B&W is adorable. Your spring shots are incredible, so beautiful. The processing you've done is amazing. I wish I could do what you do!!! Also....we have NO sign of Spring here except maybe slightly warmer temperatures so looking at these give me hope. hehe =)

The last one is adorable & you've captured such a precious moment. LOVE how you've edited it and gave it a dreamy, floral type look.

Thanks for your comment on my blog!! I'm glad I have a new one where I can start over & have no issues!! It was so frustrating the last few days but it is behind me now & I'm glad you love the new look =) xoxoxox

Natalie said...

Thats a really true and real outlook to have! Money isnt everything and it feels good not to rely on it to give you happiness or things to make you happy!! Because we all know it wont go with us when we go and that Faith, Hope & Love are some good things He gave us; but the greatest is love.

Lovin the warm sunlight on the bloosoms photos and the tones...

Flower Photography said...

I just love this post. And your gorgeous images!

Kristy said...

Love your spring buds! Your processing is so beautiful!

Misty said...

That baby/mommy pic is SO stinkin adorable! Love the processing.

Misty said...

BTW, I found your blog through Click It Up a Notch.

Janell said...

pretty branches! And I love that after picture of the baby and mom. great processing.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

wonderful spring blooms, there is even one on the little one's head, so cute

Courtney said...

Those spring buds are just fabulous!! The colors are beautiful with the pinks and blues! Wow!! I love the DOF on the first one as well!!