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Tomorrow I will be busy taking Colton to school, running by my mamaws, getting groceries alone, signing Colton up for kindergarten and possible tball, putting up groceries alone, making new lists for the next week or two, making supper, working out, and then tanning. Hopefully I will accomplish all of this because so far the 1st week of day shift has been lazy because I dislike dayshift since I'm far from a morning person and love 2nd shift because I get so much more done. We will see though..


Flowers and natural sunflare. I love the softness and bright light from the sun!



I really like bright, natural colors that make a photo pop for some reason.
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Hope this works?



Midweek blues-

blue eyes, funny face :-)!

Happy photos-

Love them and the flowers ;-)!
Sweet Shot Day

Sausage or Bacon?
Bacon and I really like turkey bacon. It's healthier and doesn't taste as fatty.

Have you ever been water skiing?
No. I have water fear!

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melissa said...

I hope you get everything done tomorrow friend! Sounds like a super busy but productive day! Wonderful photos, especially the ones of the flowers. Your processing is so amazing!! Your little man is so handsome! xo

Julie said...

Lovely stuff! I especially love the flowers.

Jennifer Bowen said...

Lovely photos! I, too, like turkey bacon vs. regular. And I'm trying to get over my fear of water by hopefully enrolling in swimming lessons. My kids are great swimmers, but not mommy. =)

Jim said...

Hey Moma ~~ I like your blue gal. You have a nice family. Day jobs make a person get up and go. A person like me who would lol gag around until noon if I didn't have to go to work.
That's why I like retirement.

Likes: Regular bacon. Turkey is disgusting as bacon. Okay for sandwiches or Thanksgiving.
Likes: I don't like water skiing. I have skied a couple of times and both times was under the water more than being above it.
Likes: I do like snow skiing. Colorado will do fine although I've skied Iowa a whole lot more.

Happy MidWeek Blues

Hollie said...

I love your bright colors too! you have quite an eye for editing!

Tara said...

Beautiful! Love your bright colors and I love your nature shot!

Dimple said...

I love the nature shot and the pastel. Have a good week (or what's left of it!)on day shift!

Ray said...

Beautiful nature shot!
Thanks for linking up!

Sarah said...

Great photos. I have never tried turkey bacon. Thanks for linking up.

Flower Photography said...

You have been at it again taking awesome shots!! I have never had turkey bacon. I used to like the water but there have been to many shark siting here for my liking! lol. Don't mind the pool every blue moon though. :-)

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Oh wow these are soooooo good. My favourite has to be the pastel shot - that bokeh is just so beauitful Tiffany.

Queen Scarlett said...

You pictures are so ethereal. It's... breathtaking.

Thought you might like to join in on a Friday carnival here. Hope to see you! Cheers!

Funkytime said...

beautiful pictures, all of them!

Faith said...

Really beautiful shots :) such great light!

Rebecca said...

So many soft springy photos. Beautiful.