What a crazy traumatic week!

Sorry again for taking so long to update. It's been a crazy week which we all know. With all the devastating storms and disasters my heart goes out too all the families that lost their loved ones and homes. We can really close MANY times to have tornadoes here throughout the week and it was definitely scary but reassuring to have basements to be able to get in and makes me wish even more I had one. I can't even fathom going through such a horrific event in my life and the lives lost are so many. It makes you see that the end of the world is near and things probably won't get better so changing our lives for the better and giving our hearts to god is definitely something everyone should do and if these events don't give eye openers I really don't know what will anymore.I had a nice simple wedding last weekend but my other two shoots didn't happened due to weather and such which is bummer but I know there will be prettier weekends to come and to do them then and this month is full of shoots 1-2 a weeknd and a few babies to practice on with my new suitcase, white mat, diaper cover, and trench bowl I received in the mall! I'm going to start taking more photos of my children soon but I'm so behind. I didn't make it to Coltons appointments due to the crazy weather and it really brought my mood down so I have to reschedule those which won't be nothing to do. I did get Colton signed up for tball but waiting on the phone call to see when it will start! Today I'm getting my house picked up, deep cleaned, and 4-5 loads done tonight and also working on and hopefully finishing the wedding shoot. We didn't do dramatic poses or props just simple. I need to remember to bring extra batteries for my sb flash from now on though because it would go off and then stop and I would have to wait and miss this or that and it was frustrating to say the very least! I didn't get to plant flowers because of the storms and now the weeds are even higher. So I have to kill a butt load of weeds and get flowers possible this weekend to plant and spruce up the house! Next week if the weather stays normal we shall take our trip to the bank to see about the loan if we finally fill out the papers needed. We have everything else I just dread paperwork to the highest extent! So say a little prayer that goes through and I get everything I need to done. I will soon get to enjoy summer time and not waking up early for a couple months until school starts. I can work on losing weight and family time even more and I'm so excited. Kids are definitely harder the older they get and babies are so much more simple. Toddlers are potty training, school, independence but still needing you, sports, and so much more... But I wouldn't trade it. Now I'm babbling so I will do some challenges and say thank you to some I won or was the top whatever if I find them all and didn't miss them!

( Also thank you for the new 5 followers I got this week after being gone! Thats amazing! Love new friends!)

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Veronica said...

I love your shots and your blog is sweet!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so glad you had a great week : ) Congratulations on the wedding and all of the other shoots! You sound insanely busy : ) Summer will be here before you know it!

Beth P. said...

Love all these! I'm here from Live Every Moment and adore your little one's eyes in your "anything" photo!

Jodi Lebrun said...

I love those bright eyes. Great shots on all hops!

Marla said...

I love that second shot. Those eyes are beautiful. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Kim said...

Oh my goodness. Those are some fabulous shots. You really are remarkably talented.

Jennifer said...

These are all beautiful. Wonderful shots! Thanks for participating in Fabulous Friday!