33rd photo shoot!

I finally was able to do another shoot since the rain and coldness held off. It was with a adorable, tiny newborn baby girl! She did so well and I was able to get plenty of shots in no time! I used a few of my new props and just the simplicity and innocence a baby brings to photos and ended up with gorgeous photos in the end. I absolutely love taking photos of newborns and I get to do another with a little boy tomorrow! These a few photos from the shoot with her!

tiffanyA 0112

tiffanyA 073w

tiffanyA 0864

tiffanyA 0525

tiffanyA 1045

tiffanyA 1225


Miss Emily K. said...

Oh my goodness!! so cute!!

Kara said...

McKenna is adorable! Some of those props look like the ones I bought to use for my Addybug when she gets here! Cute though. And nice colors :)

Janell said...

these are so awesome!