Best child photo and editing fun!!!!

Everyone should head on over to Chelsea's blog from The Paper Mama and enter her fun and most adorable little photo contest that has to do with your best child shot or one of them because I know we all have many and us moms awe and get all extra happy seeing an adorable little grin, smile, and special capture. Finding one shot to use is extremely difficult but I found using my own cutie would be best for this contest for me!!!

My cutie patootie ( or one of them anyways)!!! I wish I could use photos of both of them because I adore their little faces and I guess I may be a little biased. Their are so many picture perfect kids in the contest and I know each and every one is special so I'm happy to add my own to make someone smile and say "AWE" ;-)!!!
The Paper Mama

Edit me-



I adjusted brightness and contrast, colors- blues and magenta, added a couple shuttle actions and adjusted them until pleased, cropped, and then added a nice lens flare effect.
My Reflection of Something

Iphone photo-

About to hit the pool. Which I've done quite a few times this week and I LOVE it!


Ashley Sisk said...

I love the pic you chose for the paper mama your girl's eyes.

Branson said...

The bleached out effect in your edit me is great! Your little girl is sweet! :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I just love your daughter's eyes in that shot- so beautiful!

Lookin' awesome there Mama!! Totally rockin' the bikini- Have a great weekend!

Hope said...

Great edit me! I love the brightness and color!

Captured by JennaLynn said...

Your little girl has beautiful eyes! And I have been hitting up the pool quite a bit too... oh, how I love sweet summertime!

Sarah said...

You did a good job on my edit. Thanks for editing it. Your little girl is so adorable!

Courtney said...

Hot mama! Thanks so much for linking up. Your little girl is a doll. Great edit for edit me this week!

Karli said...

Stopping over from Chelsey's ... judging for the best shot contest. Just wanted to say hi to you friend!! XOXO You know I always love your processing! Beautiful pic of Addy Cakes, I mean Sugar Biscuit - LOL! ♥

Lisa said...

So sweet!