Making up for lost time...

I'm a terrible blogger/commenting person these days. We are in the midst of trying to sell our house and buy one down the road. Not sure if it will work out but we are working on it and so far we have got good news so we will see and put it in gods hands! My pregnancy is going well as far as I know. I go for my first appointment tomorrow and I hope for a ultrasound but since I a little shy of 7 weeks they will probably make me wait until at least 8 weeks! I'm anxious to see my due date by the ultrasound, see if there is only one, ask questions to clear my mind, and whatever else I can think of while I'm there if I don't forget anything, anyways.. I'm going to be planning Colton for school soon. Getting his school supplies, a few new outfits, and meeting teachers. I decided to do simple parties this year with family, cake, and some decor since we are planning for a new baby and possibly moving and I don't want my kids to think they can always have everything perfect and fancy and normalcy is ok! Now moving on to some challenges..

First off thanks to Chelsea for Choosing my Sparkle photo for number 3 on her blog and one of the favorites on the other blog!
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Mellow yellow Monday-

Love the yellow tones!


She was sharing her laughter and happiness with me. Which made my heart smile!

Macro monday-

GORGEOUS lashes!


SWEEEET face :-)!
The Paper Mama


Sunny, warm weather to run around.. and get hot and sweaty!
Photography love...

Touch up Tuesday-


Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Happy photo-

Collage in black and white!


Miss Emily K. said...

love the second one.... so cute! glad that you're feeling good, and that the baby seems to be ok.

Casey Martinez said...

love the share picture and that happy little sweet face! Too cute! All great shots!