Mason is 2 months!

Mason just turned two months old and is a healthy long and skinny little feller! Here is his stats and some things he is doing.

  • 10 lbs 2 oz
  • 23 inches
  • 16 inch head
  • still breastfed completely
  • drank from a bottle with breast milk in it over the weekend for my sessions (bittersweet sad mommy moment)
  • coos
  • smiles
  • recognizes everyone
  • giggles
  • makes little oh, hi, good noises
  • plays and chews on hands
  • notices feet and legs
  • kicks legs
  • smiles at people he knows especially mommy
  • loves to cuddle
  • loves to be held 
  • knows his mommy very well
  • holds head up very well
  • sits in bumbo and loves it
  • loves his play mat
  • hair is falling out and looks like its going to be a blondish red color but could change
  • rolls to side
  • started sticking tongue out a lot
  • Still wears 0-3 but filling it out better
  • has a long torso and shorter limbs like his daddy
  • wears size 1 diaper still
  • sleeps through the night (usually 12 to 7-9am)
  • takes good 3 hour naps a day
  • had his first big shots today and barely cried at all!!!
  • loves being held up right
  • hates bath time still lol
  • spits up a lot but not every feeding so the doctor isn't worried
That is about all I can think of at the moment but he seems to be growing and learning and a happy, lovable little guy! Its is very bittersweet that he is growing up so fast and months are passing since he is our last but I'm trying to enjoy every moment and trying to be a better mommy this year! I didn't take the photos like I said last time going to do those big photos with Ryan and his mining gear and outside photos probably for his 3 months (fingers crossed)!!!We've been very busy putting up their trampoline, swing set, fixing on the house, and now just had a offer on our house and if inspection/appraisal goes through we will be looking for a new house and will not rush and settle so most likely rent a really nice house a few months while we look and save and hope to be settled by next year. Patience is really paying off and I'm trying to stay positive since we're getting things going sooner than expected and everything is going well. renting a house could save us a few hundred a month in the meantime and really look around since this will be our last house for the rest of our lives or we hope so anyways. School is about to end so the kids will be busy outside a lot and preparing for next year. Colton will continue to go to physical therapy for his feet issues until its resolved and I plan to keep Addy home another year at least and soak up all the moments I can before I send her off to a big school. I feel like I rushed it with Colton and plan to spend more one on one time with each of my children more and be a better mother this summer and really get involved and put them first more often then I have before. I just started doing photo sessions again but will only do 2 on the weekend max. so I have enough family time and not away from Mason since he is small and breastfeeding which I plan to do until hes one possibly two! I started tanning again and it's nice and I feel better but I really want to lose 30 more lbs but not rush things are diet since I have to be healthy but hopefully it will slowly come off. I'm already tired of having red hair and plan on adding blonde highlights all over when we get a chance and have time before or after we move but that's something I want to do. I've already picked out  colors and themes for our new house we buy. Our room will be turquoise with grey and yellow accents. Our bathroom will be sage, yellow, and white. The kids bathroom will be a water blue with colorful fish accents. The laundry room will be a blue grey. The kitchen will be yellow with apple accents. The dining room will be red. The living room will be dark grey with dark blue and red accents. Masons room will be airplane theme with orange and baby blue. Coltons room will be dinos with sky blue and beige. Addys room will be owls with green and pink. A playroom/basement if we have one will be brown and tan. I plan to order canvases and pretty frames a little at a time and put my favorite photos of the kids around the house and eventually (probably next year) get our family photos done and put a collage of that in the living room. So many plans that I'm hopeful to do the next year god willing, anyways. That's whats going on in my life right now with my kiddos growing up fast! Here are some recent photos!