6 months old and 6 years old!

It's literally been forever since I've updated and I'm already a month late posting about Coltons 6th birthday and Mason turning 6 months. Total mommy fail! It's crazy how fast 6 years fly by though. Seems like yesterday I had a little 7 lb 2 oz 18.5 inch baby in my arms and now he's such a big kid. He has a sensitive and humorous personality and sometimes a bit of an attitude but I wouldn't trade him for the world. I believe god put him in my life when I needed him and he changed me so much and made me become a mommy for the first time. We didn't do anything huge for his birthday this year since we were working on buying the house which we should close soon just waiting on this slow place we're going through to give a closing date. I went and got him avengers plates and cake and he loved it. It was simple but it really doesn't take much to please a kid even though I love having big parties with all our friends and family to it was small and just us five. After cake we took him to bouncing b's and Addy and him had a blast playing for an hour. He got some new games and after I move I plan to get him a bounce house for the basement since hes been asking for one as part of his birthday even if it's two months away. He is doing pretty good in school. Able to read, doing simple math, draw, and all that jazz and seems to be doing even better than last year. He has some issues with concentration and distractions but when he's able to focus he does so well but he does need a little push to stay on task sometimes. He got some new glasses this year since the ones last year kept losing the nose pieces and a screw came loose! So I decided to get some simple looking one that are blue and he loves them and I like them a lot better myself.  His eyes are about the same maybe a little better but his only issue is astigmatism so hopefully after the years it will get better. He is an amazing big brother and very protective. He was with Addy and even more helpful being older with Mason. He will fed him, play with him, make him laugh and have a great time. He loves playing with Addy for the most part but sometimes gets annoyed and wants to do his own thing but they are both so protective of each other and I love it. When we move he will be going to a new school and I cannot wait. The ones he's at now is okay but it's bigger and doesn't seem to keep up with everything he is doing everyday. The other school is smaller and more hands on from what I've heard and kids seem to do so much better so I'm looking forward to that. His attitude gets worse with school and more so this year which I think it has to do with kids he's around so I'm hoping that will get better with the other school. I hate changing schools once more but this will be the last and he's still young and makes friends as soon as he meets someone so I'm happy about that. He is an overall joy and I miss having one on one time like I did many years ago when he was an only child so I can be able to get to know them even more and it's hard with other children but I try my best but I still fail sometimes. I think he's going to be a great person with his big heart though. He is growing very tall and lean. Ryan was 42 inches and 40 lbs at Coltons age and Colton is 48 inches and 53 lbs and growing like a weed everyday. Him and Addy seem to take after me in the length and Mason more so after Ryan. Colton now wears boys S (6/7) mainly in shirts and jeans but can still wear some size XS (4/5) and size 6 in some brands like crazy 8. He will be going to a specialist the end of this month for his feet issues since he's walked on his tippy toes since he started walking at 10 months and never stopped and now cannot walk flat footed even with physical therapy so we will see about braces or possible a minor surgery to correct it before he's to big or keep growing. I'm hoping that turns out well and we can get it fixed sooner or later so he can enjoy things more and get into sports more so afterwards. He has lost two teeth so far right before he turned 6.  I was very shocked and didn't expect it so soon but he was very excited about it and felt like a big kid. Here are some recent photos of him the last two months.

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Now on to my little Masey- Wasey. I can't believe it's already been 6 (almost 7 now ) months since I had him. He has grown so much and has such the personality. he is a huge snuggle baby and loves to be loved and held. He enjoy his jumperoo for hours if I let him and looks to stand. He is an extreme mamas boy but a huge daddys boy too and loves seeing his papaw and siblings. He rolls everywhere, laughs, smiles, says dada, hey, and hi but I'm still working on mama! He can sit up for the most part but is easily distracted. He now pulls his self up in his swing though so it's time to say goodbye to that soon which makes me sad. He's also grew out of 0-3 month clothing after 4 months and now wears 3/6 and 6 month clothing :-(! I got him a kick mat recently and he loves that until he starts rolling onto his belly and then he is finished! He eats usually 4 bottles a day and 5-7 oz each time. He eats solids. We mainly give him table food since I'm to the point where I think real food is better and tastier then baby food and he does so well with his 2 little teeth. Of course we only get him small bites and a lot of soft stuff since he's young and usually only once or twice a day he will get real food in small portions. I will probably start doing it 3 times a day as he gets closer to one but I'm not pushing it yet. I also introduced sugar free juice in a sippy cup and he's doing really good drinking from a cup. We usually use it once a day or every other day and sometimes not even that. I just want to get him ready when we do get rid of bottles and switch so it isn't something new and frustrating for him. He had his 6 month appointment and got his shots which broke my heart. I'm pretty sure he has been the worst about it and I hate it for him and wish it was me instead. He probably treated more like a tiny baby at this point then the other two. With my first I wanted him to try everything and do stuff early. With Addy I wanted her to slow down but still try stuff. Now with Mason I just want him to stay a baby as long as possible and enjoy every minute of it. He is my last and since I got my tubes tied I'm in no hurry for him to grow up at all. Of course I want him to grow and be healthy but he can be as baby as long as he likes and mommy is okay with how ever long he decides to be a baby ;-)! He seems to really love being outside so far especially stroller rides. He loves baths and doesn't like getting out and sits in a seat now in the bath. He still doesn't always sleep through the night but I figure it has to do with teething like before and he's definitely had the most symptoms that I notice. Colton and Addy never had symptoms but never got teeth until 10 months either so it's a huge change. Some nights I only get 3 hours of sleep if that and other nights he will sleep 8-12 hours. Some days he will nap so well and others he won't nap at all. He never the same two days in a row every though we always do the same thing. He's just our more determined child who wants and will usually get his way but he is so loving and loves to be rocked you can't help but spoil him. He loves to rub your face and play with my hair with I rock him and it just melts my heart. He takes a paci but mainly just when hes sleeping or he gets bored with it and throws it if he's awake. He's the first to cuddle and let Ryan rock him. Colton was really picky and mainly let me and his mamaw rock him for the most part. Addy only wanted me and still choices me over anyone else but he will love you and let you snuggle if you love him back. It melts me into a puddle each time and I can't get mad at him when he wakes me up many times at night and lays his head on my shoulder or gives his huge over the top grin. The other I've got the more patience I have with my kids but still need more and I try to treasure things more and work on myself and parenting everyday and still have a ways to go. They all have completed me and changed my life in one way or another and my love for them is the best love I've ever felt. You love your husband but the love for your child nothing in the world will ever compare. I feel so blessed to call them mine and have a relationship with them that I never had with me. Here are some things Mason does now.

  • 15 lbs 8 ozs
  • 25.5 inches
  • 18 1/4 inch head
  • sits up for a few minutes
  • rolls everywhere
  • says dada, hey, and hi
  • laughs and smiles a lot
  • eats 4 times a day (bottle)
  • eats table food
  • uses a paci for sleeping mainly
  • love his jumperoo
  • loves standing
  • loves to be snuggled or rocked
  • has two teeth
  • growing a lot of blonde hair but you can barely see it especially in photos
  • wears 3/6 and 6 month clothes finally
  • has tiny feet and can barely wear size 1
  • sometimes sleeps all night and sometimes wakes up many times at night
  • pulls up to sitting in swing
  • drinks from a sippy
  • drinks sugar free juice
  • loves being outside
  • loves stroller rides
  • loves baths
That is all I can think of right now but he's doing so well, growing, and learning at his own pace and I'm very proud! Here are recent photos of him. 

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Nothing big has happened other then working on closing on our house soon. Planning mostly in my head what paint colors I will use and the decor I will use. We also will be getting our family photos done in a few weeks and I'm beyond thrilled since it will be our first family photos ever of all of us together as a completed family lol. I still have to get matching fall color outfits for each of us and will probably use a purple/grey/blue or orange for us since it goes good with fall colors and we're doing them outside so it has a country look to it. I've also been dieting for 7 weeks. I've cut my calories to around 1000 a day normally. I exercise a hour sometimes more 5 days a week. I also watch my carbs and try to stay away from sweets for the most part. So far I've lost 16 lbs but plan to lose about 16-18 hopefully before Christmas. Then I will finally be in my own clothes again and did it in a healthier way. My pants are really big that I wear now and could probably go down about two sizes but don't want to buy much if I lose more weight so I'm holding off until I can't keep my jeans up anymore! Ryan and I are doing really good and our relationship is actually better since I've had Mason then in a long time. We've always did good but had ups and down along the way especially last year but now we really try to get along and put an effort into our relationship and each other and I'm a lot happier because of it and he sure is to from what I can see anyways but here are some recent photos of Addy since I can't leave her out of my whole post!

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