Fall 2012 minis and 70th session!

Today I had to pleasure to do two mini sessions. One with a baby girl who was just old enough to sit up on her own and one with a 1.5 year old little boy full of energy! I was suppose to have around 5 but had last minute cancellations and so forth but even so the ones I was able to do turned out so well. The lighting was gorgeous and the background was great. I did it at a local pumpkin patch called Winders Farm and used their pretty scenic setups  corn mazes, colorful trees, pumpkins, and a little pond for the background. They also had the cutest little yellow wagon there for people to use for pumpkins that I used for one of the sessions and I now want a yellow wagon for a prop because it's so cute and pops with color! I had about 10 total photos from each that I will be putting on a cd for them and they get to pick one photo for a free 8'10. It's so hard for me to narrow it down to only 10 but since it's a mini I have to and don't want a bunch with the same poses then it gets boring to me. I think they really loved all their photos and here are my favorites from both of them!

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