The princess turned four!!!!

Our little sugarbiscuit (Adelyn) turned four on the 2nd of this month and we celebrated it at our house with family, cupcakes, and hello kitty decor! I still can't believe my one and only little girl has already turned four. It seems like it was yesterday that I found out I was having a girl which I've always wanted and being able to have a vbac which I wanted even more. Her birth gave me a wonderful experience about giving birth and the beauty of life. Having her in my life changed my whole world. I love my sons and they brighten my day but deep down I knew I wanted to have one little girl when I grew up to have that mother/daughter relationship I always wanted growing up and never had so getting the chance to experience it and a relationship with two little boys makes my life extremely blessed and something to be thankful for. I definitely think one girl fit into our family perfectly being the diva and little boss that she is I couldn't imagine having two little girls. She is our firecracker. She can be dramatic as can be and persuasive in her ways but she is also very lovable, caring, and a huge mamas girl and will tell anyone she loves mommy best and I'm her best friend but she will almost say anything since she doesn't have a filter and is very open minded and opinionated for being only four but I love it and her honesty.  Right now her favorite color is pink and everything has to be pink in her world. She loves hello kitty and owls which is what her room is in, the owls. She loves her sparkle shoes best and anything that is glittery. Her favorite foods are mac and cheese, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, and bananas. Her favorite drinks are milk and sweet tea. She loves and always sleeps with her polka dot (which she says polka nut) blanket and has since she was born. She has big dark blue eyes like mine and brown hair that is very curly and a little past her shoulders when straight. She also has freckles like her mommy and big brother. She loves watching cartoons and movies. She also loves music especially country music and knows the lyrics to most of the songs I listen to. She constantly is jumping, bouncing, running around and has more energy then the boys combined which she gets from her daddy. She loves playing pretend play (cooking, dressing up, being mommy, etc) and playing with blocks the best. She loves baths but hates showers. She loves playing outside especially on the trampoline and swings or just with daddy. She is a very helpful big sister but can be overly affectionate and rough sometimes trying to play with Mason or her other small cousins. She is a great little sister but definitely fights with Colton a lot and nip picks at him as he does with her, le sigh siblings. She rarely stays the night anywhere but she has with my mamaw, her grandma, Karen (her mamaw, Ryan's step mom), Amanda her aunt, and Leah her aunt in the last four years but only a few times because she has loved being at home only until the last year and likes to visit more now unlike Colton which stays at his mamaws (Karen) almost every weekend because he loves visiting family. She is just a wonderful little person and growing and learning everyday and makes our family complete and happy. I couldn't imagine my life without her ever even on the days she drives me completely nuts. She may start preschool next year in the Fall if she gets in but if not she will wait another year and go to Kindergarten. I think preschool would be a good thing social wise since she loves being around other kids and learning but we will see. Until then I will enjoy my time we have together and as a family and spending more birthdays together and watching her grow up. I just hope the next fourteen years don't go as fast as the last four did. Her are some recent photos of her and some from her party!

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