Masons 9th month of life!

Over the last month Mason turned nine months, had new discovers, milestones, and holidays with family. I can't believe another month has came and gone with little Mason is our family. It feels like yesterday I had him and now in two months we will be celebrating his first birthday. It seems so surreal to me how fast time flies and how much he's changed but I've loved every moment of the blessing he is. He's went to barely crawling to crawling full force at high speed and will be out of the run in a split second. We have to make sure ever door is closed and everything is put up at all times because Mr. Nosey loves to explore everything he shouldn't and pick up what he shouldn't. He recently started to pull up and is doing it on everything now and getting brave enough to just hold with one hand. I have a feeling it a few weeks he will be standing by himself and before I know it walking all over. He's such an affectionate child and started giving open mouth kisses full of slobber and smiles every single time and I eat it up as does his daddy. I taught him a few weeks back to wave when he says bye-bye since hes been saying it a while so now when we leave he will shake his arm and hand and yell bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye and he loves to scream, yell, and use his voice in every single way and tone and laugh afterwards by what he just did. He's more clingy which is fine but we always have to be in his sight or he freaks out and sometimes I can't put him down with me in the room or he has a meltdown. He loves to be attached, cuddled, and secured at all times and of course he's babied by everyone so he's 10x worse about it, lol. He loves playing with toys now especially mega blocks and anything that makes noises. He loves to look at them and see how they work and go together. He started eating table foods twice a day now and eats whatever we eat and loves pretty much anything we give him. He's starting to dislike formula bit so I'm slowing weaning him off that and slowly started giving him milk to try the only problem is he is picky about sippys and doesn't always want one and prefers a bottle which may be a problem but I hope not in the next couple of months. He wears mostly 9 months and some 12 month clothing and in a size 4 diaper but will probably move up in a month or so. He's become the little chunky butt and had a growth spurt in height and weight and growing up so fast before our eyes. He now weighs 20.5 lbs and is 28.5 inches. He adores his siblings and loves to play with them and they are so good with him and play with him so nicely and love to make him smile and laugh. I'm so happy they get along pretty well being so far apart in age. He seems to be getting quite a few teeth on top but the top front teeth are right on the edge of popping through but taking their sweet time and it makes him grumpy sometimes. He had his first cold a few weeks back which was a double ear infection that I have no clue how he got since we barely go out and he always wears a hat but he was a miserable little guy until we finished his medicine and now is all better and back to his normal bubbly self. He had his first Christmas and had fun ripping and trying to eat the paper and enjoyed seeing family and being loved on. He got a mini baby slide that had toys attached, a big boy car seat, mega blocks, and mega block accessories from us and quite a few toys, sippys,  and new sleepers that he needed from family. That is mostly what has happened in his little life the last month and everything he's learned and did but it was another great month with him in our lives. 

  • 20.5 lbs
  • 28.5 inches
  • Crawling
  • Pulling up
  • Giving kisses
  • Waving bye bye 
  • Saying bye-bye, dada, mama, no, hi, hey and babbles
  • Has two teeth and a few more trying to come in
  • Eats table food twice a day
  • Drinks formula 2-3 times a day
  • Started regular milk 1-2 times a day
  • Still rear faces in big boy seat.
  • Wears 9-12 months
  • Wears size 4 diaper but about to move to a size 5.
  • Love to scream and make all types of noises. 
  • Attached to mommy/daddy
  • Loves his siblings
  • Loves close family
  • Tries to get into everything (cords, knobs, etc)
  • Loves playing with blocks and figuring things out
  • Starting to use a sippy but still prefers a bottle
  • Started standing in bath so I have to get a new seat or change things lol. 
  • Still loves to be rock and cuddled a lot especially loves daddy rocking him. 
  • Had first Christmas
  • Had first cold :-(

Here are some recent photos of him over the last month. 
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