Life as of now.

My life has been pretty busy lately since the weather here as warmed up and keeping up with three kids, a house, husband, bills, groceries, and so on so I rarely get time to blog or I'm way too tired to sit down long enough to do so. We've been working on more projects in and around the house when money and time allows since April and still in the process of finishing many things and still haven't started on others. I guess that's life though. Usually the week was busy with school and keeping up with everything around here and now that school is out we're usually busy outside with yard work or family get togethers on the weekend. I feel like my life is going non-stop all the time and no room to slow down. It seems like yesterday 2013 was here and now the year is almost halfway over. It baffles me how time flies when you're constantly busy or stressed. A month ago we started staining our back deck which is huge and has three sections and a screened porch. We have finished two and went through four gallons of stain. It will probably take another two gallons and two more weeks before that is even finished. Over the weekend we opened our pool and it took half the weekend to get the pump working. Now we are waiting for the water to be clear and to clean the bottom and sides off so possibly we can use it this coming weekend. Every time we start on a project lately it seems something breaks down or money goes to something up that pops up. We recently had to get his truck fixed. First we had to get a new side mirror and then we had to have it in the shop for two weeks. My car needed new parts. Then his rhino needed new parts and still needs a few things worked on. Did I mention my car needs or has needed new tires but it seems every time we have extra money we use it to fix something else. The kids need new things. The house has projects to be done or I just want a few new outfits to relax for a day. I guess that is life though and I try not to get too overwhelmed but I have my days but I also have good days and good memories along the way. I've been slowly working on our front landscape which was pretty when we moved in but I've added more flowers and plan to put different rocks in there, preferable red rocks to make it stick out since our house is on a hill and can't be seen from the road as well. So far I've had some lilies, burning bushes, and some pretty purple perennial flowers. I want to add about six more burning bushes since they're red and stand out against our tan house. Of course every week we do a little at a time since we're far from rich but it gives us something to look forward too and to add to our home. Last week I painted a focal wall in Adelyns room since I'm in love with the color mint and planned on it before we moved but never did. I put it on her far right wall and it looks gorgeous against the pink and matches her owl theme well. I plan to add either a sunset orange or coral focal wall in our room possibly the next two weeks in between everything else but I will see how that goes, eventually though. The kids had their six month dentist appointment last week and did so well, no cavities! This week Adelyn started preschool playgroup screening to see if she will get into preschool since I think she is left handed and can't correctly write since she goes back and forth with hands and can't finish so they will work on that and I think it will be good for her to socialize and prepare for kindergarten anyways. She will do that for five days and then find out if she got in. I have to call and schedule Coltons neurosurgeon appointment since they never called like they said. He has to get a mri and be put under to get good photos to see if he has a tethered spinal cord causing him to walk on his tippy toes, if so he will require surgery but if it's habit then they would do braces for a period of time to correct the habit and so he would properly walk flat to be able to do things in the future like sports and working in the long term future. I'm frustrated they didn't call like they said and with my forgetfulness it takes me forever but I plan to do that this week so we can get this accomplished this summer before school starts again and at how fast time is flying it will be right around the corner. Mason is doing really well. Growing, talking, running, and all that good stuff. He started saying "thank you" recently and loves being outdoors all the time if possible. He's definitely my most stubborn child and not one that likes shopping or eating out in public so we usually don't do either with him besides getting groceries and it's really hard to get a 15 month old to understand not to scream and throw fits just yet. He still is very attached to Ryan and I. The kids are all growing like weeds and learning everyday. Colton wears size 6-7 clothes and size 12-1 shoes. Addy wears size 4-5 and size 10-11 shoes. Mason wears size 18-24 month and size 5 in shoes but still won't wear regular shoes and screams if I put them on so I have to find soft shoes to see if that will work so he doesn't have old man feet by age two. He just started getting wavy hair on top just like Colton did when his hair got long so I bet his hair will be a curly just like his when it gets longer and I'm pretty excited about having two curly headed boys since Coltons always gets attention. Addy has spiral curls that are gorgeous too but have to be worked with to get them pretty or be hot and humid outside. I don't have curls myself so learning how to make hers curly is a learning experience for me. Anyways, I'm just ready to enjoy the summer by the pool, grilling, fishing, taking the kids to the park and zoo, and making memories and working on things together. If I could get past the stressful weeks that would be great, though. Here are some recent photos from the last month.

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