My one and only girl turned 5!!!

So on December 2nd my petite, diva, stubborn, loving, hardheaded, and best friend turned five. It makes me sad but so grateful that I've had the privilege to experience five years and a whole pregnancy with such a wonderful little girl. She looks so much like her daddy with my personality. She always says I'm her favorite and her best friend and I wouldn't have it any other way. She definitely tests my patience with staying up all night many night not as a baby but as a toddler and now but I still love her and enjoy her time and when she sneaks in our bed every single night at 3am I get to snuggle with her even more. We are having her party at our home December 15th with family and close friends. I decided to do a candyland theme from decorations, cake, invitations, and an adorable outfit with matching tutu and leggings and of course her new twinkle toe light up shoes. I love having parties and decorating even if it's stressful but I love celebrating each year with my children because they are the biggest blessing and sometimes stress in my life but they may it so worth it. I know she will love her day and her big gift from us! I took a few fall and birthday photos outside on a semi warm day and here are some of my favorites. They definitely show her big personality and sense of humor :)!
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